12 Best Websites To Get freelance writing Jobs

One of the major challenges faced by freelance writers is knowing the best websites to get freelance writing jobs that pay well. It is true that there are a lot of freelance job platforms but not all of them are worth the stress. Considering the payment methods and the amount paid per job done by some of the platforms, I consider them not to be a good platform. In this article.

Rather than wasting time networking, relying on referrals, or developing material in the hopes that something will come your way, you may take advantage of the thousands of online writing gigs that are currently available to you as a result of these freelance professional writers.

Best Websites To Get freelance writing jobs

I have curated a list of the best websites to get freelance writing jobs that pay well. These websites have a large number of employers looking for writers. They also offer a wide range of projects in various industries and niches.

  • Upwork

Upwork.com is home to more than 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients. All kinds of freelance work can be found in the marketplace, from résumé and website design, copywriting, technical writing, and many more.
They provide a range of contract lengths, including short-term, long-term, hourly, and project-based, as well as numerous payment alternatives.
While beginning your freelance career, you will encounter a steep learning curve in the development of a solid web portfolio and reputation (experienced freelancers can just add their existing portfolio items to get jobs and reviews more quickly).

Your chance of getting a job on this platform depends upon your willingness to put in the time and energy required for proposal development.

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Upwork takes 20% of any client’s first $500 in revenue, and also you pay up to $0.90 for every proposal you make to get gigs.
Starting out as a beginner, you may have to spend some bucks to increase your chance of getting jobs on the Upwork.
Using this platform has various benefits, including a seemingly infinite supply of leads and the processing of payments.

  • Contena 

Contena is one of the best platforms to find work as a freelance writer. Although a paid platform, however, it helps increase your chance of landing lucrative freelance writing jobs.

One of the best parts of this platform is the “writing job finder,” feature which automatically gathers the best freelance writing prospects from throughout the Internet. By searching and sorting through the results, you will be able to uncover opportunities such as a $10,000 a month eBook writing gig or a one-time blog piece in the sports industry.

With their daily email alerts, you may save even more time by just seeing jobs that meet your specifications, such as those that are in your desired price range or niche.
Freelancing courses are a terrific way to get a head start on your freelancing business by learning from experienced instructors.

Other Interesting features that you will find on Cotena includes:

  • The online training course that helps enhance your skills,
  • The one-on-one mentorship with professionals in the industry. This will help you gain more knowledge
  • Their daily email alerts save even more time by just seeing jobs that are available and meet your specifications
  • Helpful tools that help you grow in the freelancing industry.

Because the quality of their work is so high, it makes no difference whether you have to apply and pay for their platform.

  • FlexJob

FlexJobs is a fantastic online resource for both freelancers and those looking for part-time or full-time work that allows them to work from home or from a different location. The best aspect of FlexJobs is that they ensure that no fraudulent or low-paying jobs are advertised on their platform. This in turn assured that freelancers will save a lot of time trying to filter the available jobs to get the real and high paying ones.

The custom search feature on Flexjobs platform allows you easily find specialized jobs for you. Given the large number of “writing” positions currently available, it is possible to narrow your search by specifying the type of work you are looking for, your preferred working hours, and even your level of previous experience.

Signing up for a FlexJobs membership is required in order to view the freelance writing opportunities available. Depending on the package selected, Flexjobs normally charges $14.95 monthly or $49.95 yearly.

  • Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com, like Upwork, is an online job marketplace where individuals may bid on tasks and find employment for themselves. If you want to work online, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; there are tens of thousands of jobs accessible at any given time. As a freelance writer, there are tons of job opportunities you can get on this platform. It is also easy to use and you can filter through to find jobs that suit your specs.

The platform is not totally free, as you will need to per month before you bid for jobs. After your first 8 bids, you’ll be required to pay to apply for jobs, and you’ll be required to pay to apply for jobs for the rest of the month.
It is also necessary to pay them a 10% commission on all of the jobs you bill through them.

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  • TextBroker

Textbroker freelance platform is a large scale agency-like platform that freelancer writers can also get freelance writing jobs.
Clients make a big number of writing assignments available to freelancers (people like you), and you have access to over 100,000 content orders a month. By providing a writing sample as well as a copy of your United States passport, you can qualify to become a writer for free on Textbroker.

Textbroker will handle all of the paperwork and payments, allowing you to concentrate on writing rather than administrative tasks.
Clients can also submit their work directly to you, or you can collaborate with other writers to complete a project as a group of writers.

  • Contently

This is another agency-style network that links freelance writers with big organizations that they would ordinarily be unable to work with.

On Contently platform, a significant amount of time and effort is expended screening new freelancers who join their network and selecting the most qualified individuals to invite to various job opportunities.
Unless you already have a substantial portfolio under your belt, you will be unable to participate as actively in the job search as you would be able to do on other sites.
For experienced writers who are seeking additional employment, Contently freelance writing website is the greatest option.
A good part of this platform is that you have the opportunity to work with major corporations like Microsoft and Coca-Cola and land well-paying projects.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs

FWJ (Freelance Writing Jobs) is a well-maintained platform for those looking for freelance writing opportunities.
This platform collects together freelancing jobs around the web and provides weekly updates.  As a freelancer, this will save you a significant amount of time and energy trying to search around for writing gigs unless you have a lot of time and energy, we recommend that you subscribe to them. Although, it is still vital to do your own preliminary investigation when looking for a job.

FWJ is different from some other freelancing platforms, so the process of applying for jobs, securing jobs and payment will vary depending on the client offering the job

  • Constant Content

More than 50,000 organizations have used Constant Content to locate and employ freelance writers to create a variety of digital content, ranging from blog posts and product pages to ebooks and social media updates, among other things.
Getting started on the platform is not hard, all you need to do is to create your profile which will showcase your previous work experience and abilities, which will also include the results of an online test that analyzes your writing aptitude.
You will also need to submit a writing sample of 100-250 words.

If you are approved, Constant Content is a great place to begin started and establish a baseline quantity of work in terms of productivity.

  • FreelanceWriting.com

The freelancewriting.com job board contains jobs from other sites that feature writing jobs like Craigslist Indeed,  and BloggingPro.
You can search their curated list of open jobs and filter by source, skills needed, location (including remote freelance writing jobs), keyword and date uploaded without having to join up.
Another amazing feature of Freelance Writing’s website is that they also include a list of writing competitions throughout the internet.

With them, you may begin to create your freelance writing portfolio as you write for these articles and blogs. You may even be the lucky winner and walk away with some cash!

  • Guru.com

Another important platform for freelancer writers is Guru.com. A great marketplace for freelance writers to get jobs and get paid.

The “Guru Work Rooms” and daily job matching are two of their most important features, and they will save you time while you are looking for work, allowing you to devote your time to applying for, winning, and working on actual projects instead of searching for work. You set up a profile, seek employment, get recruited, and be paid through the site, just like you would on Upwork or Freelancer.

Guru.com offers 10 bids per month and the lowest fees on money paid through for job done which is 9%. It also has the lowest fees and the greatest number of free matches.

  • ProBlogger

The Problogger job platform is straightforward to use, it allows anyone to browse and apply for well-paying writing positions and is primarily focused on blogging. When you dig a bit deeper, you’ll discover that there are only a few copywriting gigs available, which accounts for the vast majority of what you’ll find.

There is no need to register; simply search for and apply for jobs that interest you. They also offer a Candidate dashboard where you can post your resume, track your applications, and receive job notifications for free.

Even though this site is well-known in the blogosphere, it’s a competitive place to land a job. Job opportunities are limited. Also, there are no screenings for these jobs, you’ll be expected to complete your own research and preparation (though they have tips for that right in the applications).

  • Writer Access

Writer Access platform provides freelancers with quick and easy access to a large number of writing tasks.
Although a great platform for freelance writers to get all sorts of writing gigs, it is limited to some specific countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are among the countries on this list, which also includes the United States.

To be accepted on the platform, you will need to first pass their Writing tests, then a good profile. Your chance of getting a job on the platform depends on the ratings you have. Even if you don’t start out with the star rating you want, you may progressively enhance your rating over time by providing consistently excellent service and earning high ratings from your customers.
The most significant advantage is having access to consistent work from large corporations like Microsoft, Carmax etc.

Another form of freelance writing that pays well is the Technical Writing niche, we have also compiled a list of websites where you can get technical freelance jobs that pay up to $1000 per article.

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