[Apply Now] Africa Prime Funding Grant SME Financial Grants for Africans

Applications are now open for the Africa Prime Funding Grant SME Financial Grants for Africans. Africa Prime Funding Grant provides access to foreign grant funding for Enterprise, SME, Cooperative and Community Base projects targeted towards the development of Africa.

Program Details

The SME Financial Grants for Africans is the program rolled out by the organization to empower Africa business owners as to encourage self relaibility and create security. This program requires you to send a brief of what your business is, it will be reviewed and upon approval you will be required to upload your proposal and supporting documents for grant approval. It will be a simple program to bring in as many as we can to become beneficiaries of the program. We are committed to this program as a committee of 12 people from 12 African countries has been inaugurated for the review on a constant basis were their report remain final.

Applying through Africa Prime Funding Grant provides you access and support to 21 years of experience in this field to work you through to access funding for your business, cooperative union and community-targeted projects. The first step to take is to apply and make the application payment that will give you access to the dashboard where you can go ahead and process your application by simply filling all the necessary information to enable you receive funding.

Organizer: Africa Prime Funding
Category: Grants
Eligible Country: Africans
Application Closing Date: 25th Dec. 2022

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Financial Grant is for every African without discrimination
  • The grant cut across every kind of business
  • You must apply with your business proposal and qualify for a financial grant

Grant Value

  • Access from $10,000 to $500,000 paid directly into your bank account.

Application Process

  • Step 1: Submit Application – Fill and submit the application form starting your details and area of business and reasons for the grant.
  • Step 2: Submit Proposal – You will receive an email requesting for your business proposal once your application is approved.
  • Step 3: Receive Approval – After the review of your business plan or proposal, your will receive a grant award letter.
  • Step 4: Open Bank Account – Depending on your business plan and approval, you will be directed to a funding bank to open a bank account.
  • Step 5:Receive Funding – Upon submition of your bank account details to the funding agency, you should receive funds directly into your bank account.

Interested applicants are to check the official website for the proper Application procedures. Visit the official announcement page for more details. To start your application, Click the apply now button below.

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