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Alchemy University is the ultimate ecosystem for learning how to build and interact with web3. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know about Solidity and start building in web3, from hands-on bootcamps to starter code that expedites your workflow.
All content on Alchemy University is completely free. We believe education should be universally accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial background.

Course Content

There are three primary components of our initial version of Alchemy University:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals: A 3-week crash course to learn how to code and become a JavaScript expert, a core foundation to web3 development. No experience necessary.
  • Ethereum Developer Bootcamp: 7-week bootcamp with interactive coding challenges, video lessons, projects and expert instructors to teach you to build smart contracts, master solidity, and become a web3 developer.
  • Road to web3: 10 hands-on web3 projects for you to build from the ground up with videos, written tutorials, starter code, and a community of thousands of developers.

Skills You will Learn

– Fullstack Development
– Master Cryptography
– Master Solidity
– Build Smart Contract
– Develop a Developer Portfolio

Eligibility Criteria

  • You’ll definitely want to have JavaScript knowledge before starting the Ethereum Developer Bootcamp. If you don’t already have experience with JavaScript, we highly recommend you go through JavaScript Fundamentals first
  • We specifically added resources for anyone to start their web3 journey, no matter what background you have even if you have no programming experience. Our JavaScript Fundamentals course is designed for those who are both new to coding or just new to JavaScript, you should start there.

Application Process

Interested applicants are to check the official website for the proper Application procedures. Visit the official announcement page for more details. To start your application, Click the apply now button below.


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