[Apply Now] 2022 ECOWAS Immersion Internship Program for Young Graduates

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) launches the immersion internship program for young graduates in ECOWAS institutions. The program is open to young graduates from the ECOWAS Member States, aged 35 years or less. The aim of the program is to Contribute to the professional integration of young graduates, by offering them the opportunity to get to know ECOWAS programs better, at the same time for the Interns to offer their contribution for efficient implementation of programs and activities of the institutions.

About the Program

• The Immersion Program for young graduates in ECOWAS programs lasts one
year over a period of 12 months maximum {Non-renewable};
• The Program is carried out in the Departments, Agencies, Representations and Institutions of ECOWAS, or any other place duly designated by ECOWAS;
• The young graduate benefiting from the Program produces a report at the end of the internship in three copies, one copy being sent to the HDSA Department, second copy to the user department and the third copy for the individual record of the intern in person;

Category: Internship
Eligible Country: West Africans
Application Closing Date: September 28, 2022

Program Eligibility

  • Be a citizen of an ECOWAS Member States;
  • Young graduates from ECOWAS Member States of 35 years old maximum.
  • Hold a Certificate, at the Bachelor (BSc), Master, PhD or equivalent certificate;


  • Young people acquire professionalizing experience through their immersion in
    ECOWAS programs, are essential for their career.
  • Young graduates contribute to the implementation of ECOWAS programs
  • A flat monthly allowance of $500 over a maximum period of 12 months, for the
    intern wishing to carry out the internship in their country of origin.
  • A flat monthly allowance of $800 over a maximum period of 12 months, for
    interns wishing to complete their internship in a country other than their own.
  • A return ticket from the country to the host country for interns doing their
    internship in a country other than their own.
  • Health insurance for the Intern, to deal with possible cases of illness

Required Documents

▪ a request to the ECOWAS Commissioner for Human Development and
Social Affairs (HDSA) which describes the motivation of the candidate with
expression of his centers of interest, as well as the candidate’s commitment
to respect the terms and conditions of the internship;
▪ a Curriculum vitae;
▪ a copy of a national Identity card, or passport;
▪ a copy of the academic certificate or its equivalent;

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Application Process

Interested applicants are to check the official website for the proper Application procedures. Visit the official announcement page for more details. To start your application, Click the apply now button below.


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