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St George’s postgraduate scholarships

St George’s University of London offers a number of scholarships for outstanding students wishing to study a postgraduate course at the UK’s specialist health university. We are dedicated to transforming people’s lives in the UK and around the world.

Scholarship provider: St George’s University of London
Degree Category: Postgraduate
Eligible Country: International
Application Closing Date: 1st June 2022

List of the scholarship programs

The tabs below give details of each of the postgraduate scholarships we offer.

1. Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

The Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme at St George’s is competitive; we select applicants who demonstrate academic excellence and illustrate how they will go on to make a difference after their time with us. Scholarships are available across the following postgraduate courses for both home (UK) and international (EU and non-EU) students.

Available Courses

  • Biomedical Science – Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer MRes
  • Biomedical Science – Antimicrobial Resistance MRes
  • Biomedical Science – Infection and Immunity MRes
  • Biomedical Science – Reproduction and Development MRes
  • Global Health MSc
  • Global Health and Conflict MSc
  • Global Health and Humanities MSc
  • Global Health and Mental Health MSc
  • Global Health, Ethics and Law MSc
  • Global Health, Infection and Immunity MSc
  • Genomic Medicine MSc
  • Sports Cardiology MSc
  • Translational Medicine (MSc and MRes)

Scholarship benefits

  • The scholarship covers the tuition fee cost at the Home (UK) rate.
  • Candidates who qualify as international students will be considered, with the view of meeting the cost difference between the Home (UK) and International (EU and Overseas) rates.
  • The scholarships are paid towards the course fees via an internal transfer within the university.

2. Global Health MSc international student scholarship

St George’s currently offer a scholarship for applicants to our Global Health MSc courses from a low-income, lower-middle-income or upper-middle income country as defined by the World Bank.

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Available Courses

  • Global Health MSc
  • Global Health and Conflict MSc
  • Global Health and Humanities MSc
  • Global Health and Mental Health MSc
  • Global Health, Ethics and Law MSc
  • Global Health, Infection and Immunity MSc.

Scholarship benefit

The scholarship covers full tuition fees as well as a maintenance grant of £17,000 to cover living expenses.

3. Physician Associate Studies (MPAS) partial scholarship

We offer partial scholarships for students on the Physician Associate Studies MPAS and both home (UK) and international (EU and non-EU) students are eligible to apply. Applicants will be contacted post-interview and invited to submit a scholarship essay.

Scholarship benefit

The value of the scholarship is £3,000. The scholarship will be paid via internal transfer by the university towards the tuition fees for the first year of study.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for a scholarship you must:

  • have completed an application for the course, either full-time or part-time study
  • not already be qualified at Masters level or above (e.g. PhD)
  • must be self-funding (courses fully funded by the NHS or students receiving employer or sponsor funding are not eligible)
  • have or be predicted to obtain at least a 2:1.

All eligible candidates will be shortlisted on 1 July 2022 (please note scholarships cannot be deferred to 2023 or later entry).

Applicants with the highest scores across all courses will be considered for the scholarship and may be invited for interview.

Scholarship criteria

If you are a Home (UK) or International (EU or non-EU) applicant applying for a taught postgraduate programme that has a scholarship, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship, providing you apply by the deadline (1 July 2022).

You do not need to submit an additional application form. However, you may be asked to attend a physical or virtual interview.

Successful candidates will be those whom the Scholarship Committee considers will make a positive contribution to the academic environment at St George’s and achieve the highest scores.

Your application will be scored based on:

  • your degree classification
  • your personal statement
  • your interview
  • your references.

How to apply for a postgraduate scholarship

There is no separate application process to postgraduate scholarships. In order to be considered for a postgraduate scholarship, you must submit an application for one of the eligible postgraduate taught programs (listed above). Your submission will then be reviewed against the scholarship eligibility criteria.

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You must ensure that your application is complete and submitted by this date in order to be considered for funding. To be deemed complete, it must contain all the relevant supporting documentation required by the programme applied, such as references, transcripts, and English language scores.
For More Details, visit the Scholarship announcement Page.

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