[Apply Now] European Union Cyber Diplomacy Fellowship for Junior and Mid-Level Experts

Applications are called for the 2022 European Union Cyber Diplomacy Fellowship (EU-CD Fellowship Programme). With a rapidly expanding range of international issues on the cyber diplomacy agenda, it is important to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the relevant knowledge and background of these processes as well as skills to meaningfully engage in those conversations. To support that goal, the EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative – EU Cyber Direct launches the EU:CD Fellowship for Junior and Mid-Level Experts from partner countries

About the European Union Cyber Diplomacy Fellowship

The main purpose of the EU:CD Fellowship is to support partner countries and non-governmental stakeholders to engage in international cyber diplomacy debates through addressing the development of skills and knowledge at the individual level. The Fellowship will pay particular attention to knowledge transfer among the Fellows in order to build relationships and strengthen North-South and South-South cooperation.

Some of the issues that the Fellowship will address include:

  • The UN framework for responsible state behaviour;
  • Regional and multilateral approaches to countering cybercrime;
  • International frameworks for strengthening cyber resilience;
  • International digital cooperation, including standardization and data governance;
  • Global governance of emerging disruptive technologies.

Structure of the EU-CD Fellowship Programme
The EU:CD Fellowship Programme will be comprised of four main pillars:

  • Knowledge building
  • Skills enhancement
  • Representation broadening
  • Mentorship

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Fellowship, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

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  • Be a national of a country from one of the regions: non-EU members of the Eastern European Group (EEG), Africa Group, Latin America and the Caribbean Group (GRULAC), Asia Pacific Group (APG);
  • Clear relevance of cyber and/or digital developments at national, regional or international level for current employment or line of work;
  • Proven working knowledge of English.
  • Selected candidates are expected to make arrangements with their place of employment in order to secure their participation in various meetings. Please note that there is no obligation to participate in all the meetings.

How to Apply for European Union Cyber Diplomacy Fellowship

Individuals interested in applying for the Fellowship should submit a completed application form by 31 July 2022. Visit the Official announcement page for more details. Click the Apply now button below to apply.


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