10 Freelance Jobs You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Do you ever have the impression that your phone is a prison? If so, then you’re not alone. Using your phone just for texting, making phone calls, and checking your email might feel like a never-ending loop for many individuals. Perhaps you also spend your time surfing the internet, listening to music, or playing video games on your phone. But what if there were other ways to use your smartphone? What if you could use your phone to be a freelancer?

There are a lot of freelance jobs you can do with your smartphone, but most individuals don’t know about these opportunities. As smartphone technology continues to advance, we should expect to see even more significant advancements in the future. Whether you choose Android or iOS, the smartphone in your pocket is a minicomputer.
There is a wide variety of freelancing work that may be completed using a smartphone. Throughout this post, we’ll be discussing how smartphone technology might aid you in your profession as a freelancer.

With a smartphone, you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, which is the most significant feature of this device. However, a laptop or a desktop computer is required to do some freelance tasks because a smartphone is not always sufficient. Many individuals have some profitable freelancing skills, but they may not acquire a computer due to their financial circumstances. However, this should not prevent you from making money from freelancing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of paid freelance work you can do on your phone.

We will cover the following: the types of tasks you can complete with your phone, how to take advantage of the many online resources to help you succeed, and how to maximize your freelancing experience.

10 Freelance Jobs You Can Do With Your Smartphone

We’ve compiled a list of 10 freelance jobs you can do with your smartphone and the resources you need to carry them out.

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1. Photo Background Removal/Replacement

An average designer on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork charges between $5 and $50 per job to remove and change photo background and retouching; this is a task that can be done and perfected on your smartphone within a few minutes. Though it requires some levels of expertise and experience, it is a job anyone can do as long as you know how to operate a mobile phone. There are mobile apps that can help you remove photo background within a few seconds, and they are available on both Android and IOS mobile platforms. Mobile Apps such as Remove.Bg, Background Eraser, Autobackground Changer, and many more will get the job done for you perfectly within a few minutes.

2. Graphics Design/Illustrator

In today’s business world, a graphic designer must produce eye-catching marketing materials like banners and successfully interact with target audiences. This has made the need for graphics designers increase.
It is now possible to do many things with a smartphone. The field of graphic design is no exception to this rule. Almost any design can be created on a smartphone with an app, from editing images to making vector drawings, logos, banners, infographics, and all sorts of designs. There is an app for every form of graphic design, no matter your area of specialization.
You don’t need to know how to use desktop software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator to create on a mobile device. With platforms such as Canva, Adobe Lr, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook, Pixel Lab, and much more available on IOS and Play Store, you may create visually appealing styles.

Another good thing about this is that you may not even need to do some designs from scratch. All you need to do is get a ready-made template suitable for the job you want and edit it. With little effort, you can be sure of joining freelancers already charging between $10 – $80 per job on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

3. Content Writing/Copy Writing

Writing is one of the most accessible jobs you can do with your phone; the exact result you get with a computer is the same with a smartphone. There are exciting features that will simplify writing on smartphones, like having a large screen phone and decent keyboard software equipped with word suggestions, spell checking, and auto-correct capability. You can use certain writing applications that allow you to dictate to your phone and convert it to text. So you can perform freelance writing exclusively on your phone.
With your mobile phone, you may create articles, blog posts, website content, books, and other materials for clients. It’s all about being a good storyteller, a fast typist, and suitable applications that can get the job done for you.
You will also need to learn and acquire some skills that will help you stand out as a writer. There are lots of online courses to learn copywriting, so as to acquire the right skills for the job. Some of them are free while some are paid, you can check them out.

The following job will help you get the job done, and most of these applications are free on Google and Apple Playstore.
WPS Office
Google Doc
MS Office Word

4. Social Media Management

Becoming a social media manager is as simple as monitoring your social media accounts, writing posts, and responding to comments. So also, Your job as a freelance social media manager is to assist people and businesses in managing their social media accounts, creating more engaging content, and interacting with their consumers.
Anyone can do it if they have a good grasp of social media management and are willing to learn the tricks of the trade, such as growing followers, promoting brands’ products, and driving engagement. You may easily accomplish this with your smartphone simply by downloading and installing social networking applications. Freelancers charge as high as $800 per week to manage social handles.

6. SEO/Keyword Researcher

Another intriguing freelance job that you can accomplish on your smartphone is SEO freelancer/Keyword researcher. SEO and general marketing are the primary goals of a keyword research freelancer who generates and optimizes content on the web by finding and analyzing search phrases that people type into search engines and leveraging the data for that purpose. Their ultimate objective is to drive traffic to the website.
SEO and keyword research tools are available to assist you in carrying out the task; some are free, and others demand a fee to use. The following are some popular choices: Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Keyword Finder, and Google Keyword Planner are some available tools.

7. Online Survey

One other freelancing job that you can do with your phone is to conduct an online survey. This is a simple task that you can complete in your spare time when you are not working at your regular job, and all you need is a smartphone to complete it. There are two ways in which this operates. There are two ways to participate in market research surveys: you may either help a client by conducting a survey on their behalf or participate in the survey and provide your honest opinion to market research agencies. In return for completing paid surveys, you may be eligible to get incentives. Some freelancers are specialists in this on freelancing platforms, and they earn between $20 and $50 each work.

8. Language Translator

If you’re fluent in more than one language, translating may be lucrative freelance work you can accomplish using your smartphone. You can accomplish it just as effortlessly as you would if a content writer. Your work as a professional translator is to assist clients in translating one language to another. It will help if you are well-versed in translating grammatical ideas, local terminologies, and cultural subtleties.
To be successful in this, you must have excellent writing abilities. Look for writing skills online classes that are either broad or tailored to a particular niche, such as technical writing, copywriting, or legal drafting.

9. Virtual Assistance

To put it another way, a “virtual assistant” is an independent contractor who works from home to provide administrative support to customers. A virtual assistant’s typical duties include scheduling appointments, managing phone calls, arranging trips, managing email accounts, data entry, typing documents, bookkeeping etc.

The need for a virtual assistant is on the increase in the post covid era. A growing number of company owners and professionals are turning to virtual assistants on a contract basis in an effort to save money and time on administrative and clerical responsibilities. A typical Virtual assistant earns between $20 – $50 per hour.

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To become a virtual assistant, there are some specific skills you must have, like good communication skills, critical thinking, typing skills, and some other valuable skills based on the need of your client. There are also online platforms that provide online training programs for virtual assistance. It is easy to locate them using Google to search for them. Take those courses and sharpen your skills.

10. Online Tutor

Modern technology has made studying more convenient for students of all ages, who may now connect with teachers from the comfort of their own homes through the use of the Internet. It is important to note that, while online tutoring can refer to a range of different things, it is essentially the provision of one-on-one learning help for students through the Internet.
To name just a few, online tutors are available in fields as wide-ranging as academics to crafts to digital skills and everything in between.

One method to do this is to sign up for online platforms that connect students with instructors who specialize in a certain subject area. It is possible to get paid up to $30 per hour as an online tutor, Depending on the nature of the task and the customer, this rate might rise to $50 or $60 per hour.

Another option is to develop your own platform and bring together individuals who want to learn and teach them. With your phone, you can connect to your student in a live conversation through platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google class, Youtube, and other platforms. You can also do a pre-recorded video with your phone where you can put it in cloud storage and share it with your students to watch.


Vblogging: Video blogging (Vblog) is another way to generate money with your smartphone. Video blogging is a great way to make money with your phone by putting out high-quality content on sites like YouTube and other social media networks. If you have a smartphone, decent content, and video editing skills, you can make a lot of money. Several of your favorite YouTube videos were shot, recorded, and edited entirely on mobile devices. When it comes to video production, the tools don’t matter since what matters most to viewers is engaging content.
Search online to get information on how to get started with youtube content creation, youtube marketing, and the necessary mobile applications you need to edit your videos.

Finally, you must understand that you are operating in a very competitive market and must be at the top of your game to succeed in your profession. To be successful in this industry, you must first be trained by experts either by enrolling in online courses related to your chosen field or using free online materials, especially youtube free. You must have also worked on several projects to hone your skills over time. By having a well-optimized profile and a strong portfolio, you may be confident in your ability to secure work from freelancing sites and earn a consistent income.

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