[APPLY NOW] WorldQuant University Applied Data Science Lab Programme

The WorldQuant University Applied Data Science Lab Programme is offered by WorldQuant University for those who want to build a career in Data Science.

The Applied Data Science Lab is a certification program in which students work together to solve real-world challenges that are both important and complicated. They get the wrangling, analysis, model-building, and communication skills necessary to succeed in data-centric employment in both the commercial and public sectors by completing a series of end-to-end data science projects. These projects prepare students for success in data-centric careers.

In order to provide students with a flexible yet challenging continuing education option, the Applied Data Science Lab is offered online.

What to Expect from the Programme

  • Leverage Real-World Data – Students will begin writing their own code and exploring real-world datasets on the very first day they participate in the Lab. During this self-paced course, students are responsible for completing a total of eight projects. These projects can vary anywhere from analyzing the cost of housing in Mexico to forecasting the air quality in Kenya. They will work with datasets that are readily available to the public and build broader portfolio initiatives based on those datasets.
  • Access All the Tools you Need – Students will work with the same equipment and environment as experts. They will have access to a pre-configured Python environment, pandas, and Jupyter Notebooks, and there are no prerequisite system requirements. They will also obtain access.
  • Guides by Your Side – Students get the opportunity to build the professional skills that data scientists employ on a daily basis in demanding, real-world situations through the utilization of our instructor-guided projects, which offer a two-way, concentrated learning experience. Each student will be given access to a learning environment in which they will be able to engage with their classmates, receive real-time feedback on their progress, and attend live sessions led by an instructor.
  • Develop The Skills to Build a Professional Portfolio – We have built our Lab in such a way that students are not only able to apply their knowledge to situations that occur in real life, but that they also walk away with the knowledge necessary to create a professional portfolio that they can bring with them to professional settings and interviews. After finishing the course, students will be able to query various kinds of databases, clean up messy data, construct predictive models for regression and classification, and create compelling visualizations for the project’s stakeholders, all while taking into consideration the ethical, social, and environmental impact of their work.

START DATE – As soon as you’re accepted
COST – Entirely Free
COMMITMENT – 10-15 hours a week
CREDENTIAL – Shareable Credly Certification

Program Requirements

This is a truly hands-on learning experience that accommodates learners with the right amount of foundational knowledge and a commitment to success. The Lab runs continuously, so you can start as soon as your application is accepted.

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  • Beginner-level Python skills.
  • Familiarity with basic statistics.
  • Between lecture videos, assignments, and individual study, students should expect to commit roughly 10 to 15 hours per week.
  • This professional development opportunity does not require any prior degrees or credentials.

Skills Gained During the Program

  • Extract data from SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Clean authentic, messy datasets
  • Build predictive models for regression and classification
  • Create compelling visualizations to explain data characteristics and model performance.
  • Discuss the ethical implications of deploying models in the real world.
  • Consider the environmental impact of machine learning models.
  • Learn how to apply machine learning to business problems.

How to Apply for WorldQuant University Applied Data Science Lab Programme

Applicants are required to submit a profile detailing their work history and get a score of at least 66 percent on the Admissions Quiz in order to be considered. The time required to finish all of these exercises shouldn’t exceed one hour. For more details, visit the official WorldQuant University page for more details. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below to apply.


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