[Apply] 10 Academy Intensive Tech Training for Young African Graduates (Machine Learning Engineering, Data Engineering and Web3)

10 Academy’s intensive training enables recent university graduates from anywhere in Africa to get a global-level job as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or Web3 Engineer.

About the Training

10 Academy bridges two gaps that most fresh university graduates face – no work experience, and difficulty in getting a global-level job in AI or Web3. We do this by ensuring by working with you until you can prove to a global-level employer that you are ready in key competencies that employers test for.

90% of 10 Academy graduates are working in global careers, mostly in Machine Learning Engineering or Data Engineering.

Organizer: 10 Academy
Category: Training
Eligible Country: Africans
Application Closing Date: 31 July 2022

Why Choose 10 Academy?

On average, 10 Academy graduates earn 3x the salary of their peers and get placed into work 7x faster than their peers. 10 Academy graduates are working remotely (and in-person) for companies based in every continent (except Antarctica).

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10 Academy’s goal is to identify brilliant young people and get their first job to be as close to the technology leading edge as possible

Available Learning Paths

  • Web 2: Python, SQL, and Web Programming (CI/CD)
  • Web 3: Writing and deploying smart contracts (Solidity)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning and Machine learning model development and deployment
  • Data and Analytics engineering: MLOps and AutoML

​Why Lear AI and Web3

AI and Web3 offers junior-level jobs within 3-6 months of with intensive study, with the following additional advantages:
– Thousands of jobs in these fields exist, many of which are open to remote talent.
– These jobs are very well paid, from entry-level and growing quickly thereafter
– The impact that an experienced person can make in these fields is exceptional.​

Program Eligibility

  • Applicants must be an African National
  • Available full-time for the entire intensive training period
  • Applicants must be Able to buy 15GB of data per month
  • Applicants must have 100% access to a laptop for the period
  • Applicants must have required prerequisite knowledge of Python, SQL, Statistics and Linear Algebra
  • Wants to work in the AI or Web3 field after graduation

Program Benefits

  • Intensive training and Mentorship from top industry experts and instructors
  • Career development
  • Connection to Prospective employers

How to Apply for 10 Academy Intensive Tech Training for Young African Graduates

Interested applicants that meet the eligibility criteria are to fdilll the form to submit their details. Click the apply now button below to apply. Visit the official 10 Academy page for more details.


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